Are your rates negotiable?

 NO NO & NO they are NOT. Once again NO THEY ARE NOT! 

  1.   Will you travel to meet me?

YES! I travel to your House, Hotel or Apartment Locally and I am passport ready and a divine travel partner!  Please contact me for more information and a quote as this type of encounter takes familiarity between the two of us first to become a reality. Travel with clients is something I enjoy spending my time doing, so I am very experienced on how to make everything go easy as possible. 

   2.   What about same day or last minute appointments?

YES 100% YES.  A hour notice is ALL I need SO last minute appointments are 100% fine if I am available 

3.     Where is your Incall and Do you Offer Outcall?

My Incall is A Private Condo in the Galleria Area



4.     How do you prefer that I contact you initially?

TEXT TEXT TEXT Message is always BEST

 5.    Do you see couples or women or engage in doubles sessions?

Not at this time

 6.    What if I absolutely can't be seen out in public on a date?

No worries! Discretion/safety is my #1 priority (fun #2). Meeting at your hotel/house/apt is perfect for me as well

7.     What do you like to eat?

I will eat almost anything except sushi

8.     How do you dress?

Cocktail dresses, sundresses, or dressy jeans & blouse. I'm usually in high heels (3-5") although I have lower (or flats). I'll dress up or down depending on activity, I also may wear business attire when required for discretion

 9.    Will you wear my favorite lingerie, garters & stockings, etc.?

I delight in accommodating the desires of regular clients. If our first date goes well you can make special requests for the second

 10.    Will you come to a business dinner posing as my girlfriend on a date?

Sure, I love role play. Please make sure to inform me of details prior so I know what i'm getting into

11.     Why haven't you replied to my email?

I don't reply to vague, vulgar, incomplete requests. That said, sometimes emails just disappear into the great wide web. If you think that happened, please resend


Absolutely! 100%   I do not believe in false promotion. They are All recent to show you what I look like Now, not years ago or what I hope to attain


 PRIVACY! Just like YOU I have family and friends and my privacy is just as important as yours! I would never invade your privacy so please do not ask to invade mine!

14.     May I see more pictures?

If the (40+ Selfies in my Photo Gallery) aren't enough pictures for you then may I suggest you leave my Website and try surfing the Internet (I hear it has a lot porn)

   15.  Can we meet "just for coffee" or to "hang out" for FREE?

I'm a Professional Companion. Now, please go look up the word 'Professional', next Slap yourself across the face and NEVER ask me that question again AND RE-READ QUESTION #1


16.     Any Pet Peeves I should know about?

Please don't touch my face/hair. I have delicate skin and the natural oils and germs on your hands can wreak havoc on my complexion. I'm very tender headed as well that's why I do not like my hair being touched.
You send an email saying: “Tell me a little more about yourself and please send a picture.”    A request like this tells Me that you’re just not paying attention. I'm very thorough within the pages of this website and all of the pictures I have to share are here.
Hey, I’m a great looking guy and we’re going to have such a wonderful time together. Now, how about a discount? (This includes all requests for discounts, regardless of reason. I just hear this particular one a lot.)
This is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves! Mutual chemistry is a lot more involved then how attractive one partner is and the perceived abilities that one individual has. Please do not ask for a discount. I will Block you. I'm sure your career choice does not ask if they can discount your salary do they? If so maybe you should seek a new career!

 17.    Do we have to set specific time frames? I don't want to feel like this is all business...

My profession may be of a very personal nature but it's also my livelihood and I'd no sooner turn over its reins than I'd turn over a toy store to a child. Think about it this way. Therapy is also of an intensely personal nature but a psychologist would consider open-ended sessions in exchange for discreet cash "gifts" to be as absurd as I do. Toys are fun; therapists are caring; I am both. I am also a businesswoman and if you have an issue with that, find someone else to enable it.


I will only answer calls/text when I am available. I will Never return a missed call unless you text and ask me to with a time frame that is OK. I will respond normally within 30-45 mins if I am available that day/evening. If I do not answer, that means I am otherwise engaged in an appointment or other activities.
Anything urgent, please send a text

19.     Will You Be Using Your Phone During Our Appointment?

NEVER! I never interrupt an appointment by answering my cell phone. I would also appreciate it if you would turn yours off as well.

20.     Do I smoke or do drugs

NO and NO.

21.   Will I work with your representation or assistant?

Yes however I prefer to hear from you at some point prior to our meeting.

My Companionship is offered for Incall or Outcall.

I DO NOT meet in hotel lobby or Bar for my Privacy, I will come straight to your room. If you would like to go to Dinner or Drinks I will meet you in your hotel room and we can go from there...
​Must be 21 or older. AA gentleman will not be considered. No offense, just personal preference.
No fluid exchange 
I am a SAFETY first provider
My discrete services are available to distinguished men ONLY. As a high-class independent companion, I take extreme pride in my appearance, and will be meticulously groomed and impeccably dressed when you see me for our date. My accommodations are always upscale, private and discreet for your comfort and security. Being low volume gives me the opportunity to have a great experience with you. Specialty services are available…just get up the nerve and ask

My dates are primarily about intimacy so reviews are completely antithetical to the way I (and my clients) approach them. Each engagement develops organically into a unique experience and a very personal relationship as opposed to some formulaic, scripted performance. That said, I'm everything any reasonable, virile man would expect on a fun date with an experienced, sensual woman. There are also legal reasons behind this as well. If you are determined to write a review on private time you seek please contact another provider. 

     Thank you for reading and I hope to meet you very soon