I have put about as much passion and care into this website as I will with you, if that gives you an idea of things to come... On second thought, Not Quite... Passionate, sensual pleasures definitely take me to a whole different level. Nothing in the world can match that high and leave me breathless.


Ooooooh, etiquette ... my other unfavorite thing to have to discuss.  (Sigh!)  None of this should need saying, and, as the lovely and delectable gentleman that I know you are, you certainly already know all of it.  Still, as your American poet Robert Frost put it, "good fences make good neighbors," and it's best that all expectations be made crystal-clear, so please do read all of this.  Afterward, if we can't agree on these particular fences, please seek another lady's company.  And if we can, a wonderful time together is virtually assured!
Always be discreet when contacting me or requesting in any fashion. I am always respectful and uphold the same standards for myself and appreciate reciprocation. I do not reply to vague, vulgar, or incomplete requests. I will reply to a last minute request with a hour notice.​​
I have a cell phone which I use for "day of" communication, text is the best way to get a hold of me and book a appointment. Crude or explicit emails,calls or texts?  Ahhh ... NO! You will be blocked.
​Please be considerate and come clean, well-groomed, smell nice and have mint-fresh breath. (Please, Please, Please pop in a mint or chew some gum for just a few minutes. I usually won't say anything in person, but it will be noticeable and I won't have as great a time as we would both like
Within my arrival, please have my correct compensation in

Plain site, on the table or counter top however the Restroom seems to be the Perfect place for me for Privacy where I can easily see it.  NEVER, NEVER, NEVER discuss or even mention my compensation.  Any compensation talk will instantly end our date. If you wish to extend our date, just ask ... I may have additional time available.  If so, add to my compensation, again without discussion of any kind IN SAME LOCATION.
My health and safety are of paramount, non-negotiable importance, as are yours.  Please be free of disease, as I, of course, will also be; and never, never, never even ask me to compromise our safety precautions.  To express this in a "hobby" initialism equation: BBFS request = DNS (DO NOT SERVICE)
Do you feel inclined to give a lovely and totally gratuitous gift?  Of course, I'm delighted -- what girl isn't?  A gift is both a kind gesture on your part and a wonderful remembrance of our time together.  In addition to your time spent with me, I adore lingerie, day-spa certificates ,and gift cards.
After seeing me, if you'd like me to provide a reference to another professional companion, I am happy to do so; please contact me first so that I'll be expecting the reference request.  Ask the lady to include a website link, board handle, and contact information, as I want to be sure I'm not compromising your information.  I understand the time urgency and will respond accordingly.
And now that we're on the same page ... let's write ourselves a warm and sensual story, shall we?

Treat yourself to having the benefits of having your own private no strings attached girlfriend, without the hassles of a traditional relationship at Your beck and call. 

I can come to your House, Hotel or Apartment (must be SAFE).

 "HIGHLY Exclusive Upscale VIP Elite Professional Escort" unlike most Fake ads